Who's Who at TPHQ

Written By Thunderpants Ltd - December 10 2018


March 17 2020

What an awesome team, big smiles from an an aussie bush mountain and looking forward to my first pair of Thundies! : )

Frances A
October 16 2019

Love this link to the people who do the work and the creativity as well. My 93 year old mum, daughters and my aunty before she passed to the next realm are all fans of the knickers that don’t go up your bum. Now buying on line as Lyttelton shop no longer has them.

michael brogan
January 23 2019

I noticed mens undies are based on the 1950’s Y front!! Any chance you might think about making a mens swim range!! as an older male speedos don’t have the same character and flare as the 1950’s

Karen Davis
December 13 2018

Lovely to meet the team! Great to know a fellow Yorkshire woman is there too. Keep on making quality NZ made but I hope you have good rest over summer. I’m planning my next order!

kirsten berry
December 13 2018

I LOVE your undies!!! I have just placed an order for 13 different pairs for everyone for Christmas! i have just rocked your 2 piece togs this year also, the stripes look fab, and they make me feel super curvy and confident! Merry Christmas TP team!!! thanks for making us ‘fat bottom girl’s’ look banging!!!

adele Pentony-Graham
December 12 2018

glad you have a Yorkshire Lass with you, wish her a Merry Christmas please from an Ex Londoner now a Kiwi at Clareville… love Yorkshire was last there in 2004…

Merry Christmas to Thunderpants folk..

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