Colour Me

Thunderbirds are go! What's this all about then?

A purple kereru, a stripey kiwi, or a polka dot kaka… you decide! Our latest design in the Colour-Me prints are Thunderbirds - grab yourself some native birds for your bum. Use a Bag 'O Crayons* to brighten up and personalise any item from the Colour-Me catalogue. Alternately if you have your own pens, crayons or fabric paints the world is your oyster, as they say. 

*contains 4 non-toxic, eco-friendly crayons in a bag. They are, however, small enough (1.5 inch x .75 inch x .75 inch) to be a potential choking hazard to very young children. 

Is it only for kids?

Heck no - anyone can enjoy colouring in either for yourself or personalise a gift for someone else. You could colour a pair for Grandma or give a pair to Dad so he can colour his own. Definitely a fun thing for the kids to do on a rainy day, and if you use our Bag 'O Crayons it is practically mess free!


On Sunday 14 May, 2017 we were on location amongst the native birds at Pukaha Mount Bruce, National Wildlife Centre (State Highway 2). We had a great day next to the free flight aviary in our Thunderpants truck. We had everything needed to custom a pair of Thunderbirds (and of course a pair for mum) and for every pair we sold we donated $2 to Pukaha Mount Bruce