Adult and child colouring in a colouring book

Get Creative with Thunderpants! Colour your Own!

Decorate your own Thundies! Be bold, go wild, break free! Colour to your heart's content with our colour-me range.
What's this all about then?
Use any fabric crayons, paints, pens or dyes to brighten up and personalise any item from the ColourMe catalogue. 
Is it only for kids?
Heck no - anyone can enjoy colouring in either for yourself or personalise a gift for someone else. You could colour a pair for Grandma or give a pair to Dad so he can colour his own. Definitely a fun thing for the kids to do on a rainy day, and if you use fabric crayons or pens it is practically mess free!
You can buy fabric colouring items at most good stationery or art supplies stores. Make sure to follow the heatsetting instructions so you can keep enjoying the handcoloured cheeky goodness. Heat is usually not recommended for our products, but ok for a one off event.