Meet The Brain Behind Brain Dump

Meet The Brain Behind Brain Dump

With the launch of our new Brain Dump print we thought it was high time you got to know a bit more about their fabulous designer, Greta Menzies. 

Tell us a little about yourself...

Hi! I’m a designer and visual artist, I live in Wellington with Iggy and our 3 kids:
Twins Ari & Flynn, (10) and Pepper (5).  

I studied textile design, and I teach in the College of Creative Arts at Massey, alongside my practice, which includes repeat pattern and graphic design, image making, ceramics, jewellery and animation.

How would you describe your work/style?

It depends on what the work is for - I make quite commercial work which is quite ‘nice’ but my own stuff has more of a surreal, absurd aesthetic.

I’m interested in using variations on cadavre exquis (Exquisite Corpse, the surrealist drawing game) as a technique to create work.

Sustainability is also an important consideration of mine, and I’ve been lucky to have been able to work on projects and have clients (like Thunderpants!) that reflect that.

How did you start working with Thunderpants?

I was recommended to them by one of my previous clients I think!

Tell us a little bit about the process of designing Thundies, and brain dump…

For most of the prints, Sophie and Josie have an idea of what they'd like, and I interpret the idea into a print, with a bit of emailing back and forth... however this one was an extension of the mural I did at the Thunderpants HQ, which was definitely a stream-of-consciousness drawing.

How do the little creatures and characters come to be... do you have them stored in memory or do you surprise yourself with knew ones as you draw/paint?!

It's improvised, I let it unfold and evolve.

As well as textiles you have created large scale murals like our giant mural at Thunderpants HQ, silly question maybe, how does the process compare?

It's similar, just on very different scales! Also, when the surface of the wall is textured or corrugated it adds another layer of complexity to get the image to look right.

What inspires you?

Nature! She is a weird one.
Watching my friends achieve awesome things.
Hairy armpits .

What do you like to do in your wind down/spare time?

I recently went to the roller rink with the family, and I feel like that’s going to become a regular thing! Gliding along to pop music is the best.

Reading (Margaret Atwood is my fav). Hanging with friends, discussing everything under the sun. Brunch (actually any good food). Dancing.

Thanks Greta!

Brain Dump is now available in womens hipster and womens original Thunderpants. Watch this space for womens tights, mens boxers, kids clothing, thundies and baby bags all coming very soon! 

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