Going Back To Our Roots

Going Back To Our Roots

Nearly 25 years on from their first appearance, we are re releasing one of our founding and favourite Thundies prints...  artichokes.

Having fought off the whispers and chants of "bring back the artichokes" for a few years... the time has come for comfort lovers to upgrade their veges. 

Here's a picture of the very first artichokes print run. The screen print was made from hand carved woodblock designs...see how much further apart the artichokes were in 1995.

THEN: Here is one of the very first pairs of green artichokes, note the wider leg and waist bands. This and the rather terrifying company, date them squarely in the '90s!

A small selection of the colours we have printed since 1995...

 AND NOW: The new Pea Green Artichokes now available on the website...

It's crazy to think how far we have come and how much we have grown in that time, but also reassuringly marvellous to see that nothing much has changed. Our bands may be a little thinner, our colour a little brighter, but we're still the happy producers of the same comfy undies that won't go up your bum!


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  • Kat Kat on Feb 22, 2023

    O how I miss the old strong colours and patterns – spiky hearts / rockets … the range seems so insipid now and stain too easily … and I so LOVE the feel and fit of your pants! However I really dislike the look of most on offer, I picked up a pair cheap on sale from a shop in Central … ‘rodeo’ on pale blue background and I honestly can’t bear wearing them … really bad taste design. :( Sorry.

  • Alison on Dec 03, 2018

    I would be good if you brought back some of the old styles and colours, none of the patterns you have for sale now appeal to me (I don’t like black) please can you bring back the vibrant hipster thunder pants you used to make.

  • Jo Sewell on Dec 18, 2018

    I want to thank you so much for coming up with your fantastically comfortable Thunderpants. I bought my first thundies at the Nelson Market from the designer herself and have been converted ever since. I can’t believe that was 25 years ago. Well done.
    The only thing I have noticed in recent times is some of the fabrics go loose and unshapely quite quickly and do not last nearly as long as the very earlier fabrics used for your Thunderpants. Just wondered why this might be?
    Warmest Wishes to you and your team,
    Jo Chch
    P.S This is not a comment that needs to be published I just wanted to let you know.

  • Francine SCHMIDT on Jun 25, 2018

    I’ve received my new “choke thundies” in the weekend! They’re wonderful, just like all the other designs. Incomparable fit! I rarely wear any others. I also decided to try the socks: I LOVE THEM! I like the fact that they are longer, it keeps my legs nice and warm when out on my bike!

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