Womens Fitted Boxers!

Written By Thunderpants Ltd - June 30 2016


Susanne Barnard
August 11 2016

Total LOVE the womens boxers!! Love the fit though like others purchasers, have found the leg rolls up, leaving a ‘bunched up’ look/feel which is the only down side to these otherwise perfect undies! I can’t wait for these to be a regular item as I love them more even than the original TP.

August 07 2016

Waiting for ladyboxers … waiting … still waiting …

Was about to buy a pair of the dude boxers for a test-run, when I saw that these were being experimented with, so held off.

Waiting … hovering over buy button … want ladyboxers …

July 14 2016

I would love to see these with a bottom band built in just like the regular womens undies you make or like the mens boxers (what ever works). The rolling up comments are valuable feedback, and I commend thunderdacks for putting a prototype out there to the market. looking forward to seeing some in a cowgirl print.

Stephanie N
July 13 2016

Have worn mine a couple times now. They’ve very comfy but for the bottom part of the leg holes, which tend to roll up as you pull pants over them/hoist pants up during day. Had to keep popping into the bathroom to roll them down otherwise you could see the rolled up section from outside the pants. Maybe some more banding on the leg holes could be utilised (as per the originals/hipsters) to hold them in place?

Anya Schuamcher-Knight
July 05 2016

I managed to buy a pair of the boxers and currently am wearing them. Whilst they are very comfortable, the leg part rolls up leaving an unsightly ring around my leg which is visible with with trousers on.

Karen Pater
July 01 2016

Want to buy a these! I hope they aren’t going to cost too much!

July 01 2016

Hi when will the lady boxers be available?

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