Womens Fitted Boxers!

Womens Fitted Boxers!

NEWS FLASH UPDATE - these sold out  in 4 hours!! We shall wait for the reviews and then make any tweaks needed and make a full production run. Hopefully they should be back within the month, at this stage the price is expected to be $32, but we wont know for sure until we have done a full production run.

New for your reviewing pleasure, just like the Men's Fitted Boxer, without the extra room in the front! This is the option to choose if your like your undies be snug with a short leg. The front panel / gusset is double layered for extra firmness and helps provide shapely lines - good for when you are gadding about in just your Thunderpants.

The Women's Fitted Boxer, is sized small -  XL at this stage, we welcome your interest in other sizes, that is what the test kitchen is for! They are designed to sit a bit lower than your waist at the top of your high hip area. We recommend the boxer if you do not like restriction in the leg area. Because of the lack of leg banding these will sit very differently for each body shape. The elastic at the top will stop any kind movement so these can be worn for all sorts of sporting activities - they are exceptionally good for Roller Derby!

Remember, if you purchase and then rate & review ( right here on the item page - not a comment on the test kitchen blog ) from the Test Kitchen you'll receive a discount code for your next online purchase.  


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  • Susanne Barnard on Aug 11, 2016

    Total LOVE the womens boxers!! Love the fit though like others purchasers, have found the leg rolls up, leaving a ‘bunched up’ look/feel which is the only down side to these otherwise perfect undies! I can’t wait for these to be a regular item as I love them more even than the original TP.

  • Jo on Aug 07, 2016

    Waiting for ladyboxers … waiting … still waiting …

    Was about to buy a pair of the dude boxers for a test-run, when I saw that these were being experimented with, so held off.

    Waiting … hovering over buy button … want ladyboxers …

  • Tania on Jul 14, 2016

    I would love to see these with a bottom band built in just like the regular womens undies you make or like the mens boxers (what ever works). The rolling up comments are valuable feedback, and I commend thunderdacks for putting a prototype out there to the market. looking forward to seeing some in a cowgirl print.

  • Stephanie N on Jul 13, 2016

    Have worn mine a couple times now. They’ve very comfy but for the bottom part of the leg holes, which tend to roll up as you pull pants over them/hoist pants up during day. Had to keep popping into the bathroom to roll them down otherwise you could see the rolled up section from outside the pants. Maybe some more banding on the leg holes could be utilised (as per the originals/hipsters) to hold them in place?

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