O.K. So the numbers were pretty even...

O.K.  So the numbers were pretty even...

Well since none of the prints were SUPERLY (it's alright we know thats not a real word) popular compared to the others, we had to make a few of each! 

Grab one now at the introductory price of $58. Also if you purchase and then review an item (not a blog post but a review on the item's page) from the Test Kitchen you'll receive a discount code for your next online purchase. 

NB: We were only able to get a pretty measly amount of fabric to sample with so there are only feeble few for the test kitchen !


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  • Carla Stone on Jun 16, 2016

    Yes, I agree Julie – the hare is very cute!

  • Julie Ann Sutton on Jun 12, 2016

    I’d like the hare on a woman’s t-shirt, men’s designs are always so much nicer :-(

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