Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas
It's nearly that time of year again. You know, the gift-giving time! Yes it has come around quickly all of a sudden and over here at the TPHQ we've been thinking about what we can do to prevent gift-giving waste. 

So here are a few sustainable gift wrapping ideas, thought up by both our TP team and by YOU! Thank you for your suggestions, we are nearly more excited to unwrap the wrapping than we are with the gift! (Nearly)

"Tea towels & cloth napkins tied with string or ribbons make excellent reusable gift wrapping and a pretty shopping bag can be filled with flowers or festive perishables." - Thunderpants Team

 "If your kid goes to kindy and paints a LOT then save them up and repurpose them as gift wrap. It’s bright and colourful and everyone likes seeing the painting. And it’s free!" - Emma 

"Last Christmas in the UK we went somewhere where there was a wrapping paper printing activity for kids, so some brown paper, paint and a potato could give the kids a fun activity and produce some unique wrapping. Or toilet roll insides and make gift crackers in same way" - Charlotte

 "A nice scarf works well as wrapping paper and doubles as another gift. I get scarves from the op-shops" - Charlotte

"Home-made gifts from the kitchen (chutney, sauces etc), can be added to a jar and given a nice label- no need to wrap" - Katie

 "I’ve used - op shop tins - kids’ art - old maps - old posters - old calendar pictures - op shop scarves - paper bags from groceries - salvaged wrapping paper - newspaper - the wrapping from flowers  - old dressmaking pattern" - Pennie

So I think we've got you covered for a few Christmas' to come. Reduce, reuse recycle your wrapping. It's easy and cheap and good for the environment. Now THAT'S my kind of Christmas. 

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  • mumsbuzzar on Feb 01, 2024

    he act of wrapping itself requires a certain level of skill and precision. Neat and tight folds, perfectly aligned edges, and carefully concealed seams contribute to a polished and professional appearance. For those who enjoy a hands-on approach, there are various techniques and styles of wrapping, such as Japanese furoshiki, where fabric is skillfully folded to create a beautiful and eco-friendly wrapping option.

  • Peata Thompson on Mar 22, 2022

    Love the gift wrapping ideas. Meri Kirihimete

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