Panel Pants - The Thunderpants that pre-date Thunderpants?!

Written By Thunderpants Ltd - April 27 2016


September 07 2016

Really liked them – look very flattering and as always very comfortable

August 13 2016

These are super comfy to wear and I like having the tummy panel for certain times of the month……incredible quality fabric too and a cute design as always. Love.

Heidi :)
June 30 2016

I loved these as soon as i put them on – so comfy, but like other reviewers – I’m not sure they are necessarily any “better” than my current favourite original thunderpants. I also agree that if these cost slightly more, then I’m likely to stick with originals.

June 22 2016

I have now tried the panel Thunderpants. I am undecided – they’re all good! I wear two different sizes and can’t decide which I prefer; I love all the different patterns; and panel or not, they are always comfortable!

Gaynor. Morris
June 21 2016

I would so love some of these pants in large full brief with black panel sides and pattern centre so slimming for the bottom When will we be able to purchase them please

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