Crop Top Prints - help us decide!

Written By Thunderpants Ltd - May 04 2016


May 23 2017

are you still making the full crop, with serious support. It had a crossover? back. I am a new customer .

Maree Neill
May 03 2017

Bicycles please

Kathy (another one, not the same one!)
April 05 2017


September 20 2016

I love my new crop tops so much I want to wear them ALL the time, and I wonder if you are going to make white ones so I can wear them under my lighter coloured office clothes? because that would be the best thing.

August 29 2016

bikes and black plz

August 25 2016

I know it’s past the deadline, but I like the bikes best – funky and a great colour (and it would match my thunderpants) :)

shelley johnson
August 22 2016

I recently purchased a hearts crop top and love it! Thanks Thunderpants for making these.

Barb King
August 09 2016

Definitely hearts.

July 14 2016


June 30 2016

Hearts please

Connie Palmer
June 29 2016

Hearts for me please. Great idea wearing to bed in which case I might choose the fish.

June 26 2016

The hearts one is the one I like.

June 21 2016

looooove the fish! the red and white are a pleasant colour combo and the fishies make me feel happy!

kim mcdonald
June 21 2016

Love the bikes, sadly I am a G-cup so totally unsupportive but I love wearing a soft comfy crop to bed.

Barb King
June 21 2016

Hearts please

June 13 2016

I like the bikes. Would maybe encourage me to ride mine instead of sitting on the couch eating Cheetos.

Robyn Wild
June 12 2016

Hearts all the way!

June 11 2016

love them all……and a vanilla would be nice too!

June 10 2016


May 25 2016

I heart the hearts!

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