Why the Test Kitchen?

Written By Thunderpants Ltd - April 01 2016


August 20 2016

I agree with Helga. Longer teeshirts please. I only wear longer tshirts and love them for nightshirts too. With scoop neck, (not too low and wide or they fall off my shouders). Or a scooped vneck, Plus a slightly longer hem dipping down at the back to cover the bum. Would love longer sweatshirts too.

Helga Arlington
April 23 2016

I’ve got a lovely, light, loose, extra long tee shirt with a scoop neck, that is just perfect for Pilates – but it’s made in Bali and will,fall apart in no time. Another woman in my class is hunting for the same thing. Any chance you might make long teeshirts?

Suzanne J Woods
April 19 2016

I wear your long straight leg pants all the time. Could you make them in dark green, purple or another dark colour. Funky legs.

Sarah W
April 06 2016

Can you make printed swimwear in larger sizes for those of us with BIG BOOBS

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