You Wanted Crop Tops? You Got 'Em!

You Wanted Crop Tops? You Got 'Em!

We've often been asked for a wonderfully comfortable top that matches the comfort of our undies, but in top form. So we've set about designing just that! 

So, without further ado, we give you, for your testing pleasure.... the Thunderpants original crop top available in black and citrine crystal!

They've been rigorously tested here at TPHQ and now it's time to get other humans to test them too!

Our original crop top gives you a little support (it's not as supportive as a bra - stay tuned though that's coming too!) while being wonderfully comfy and made from the same delicious mix of organic cotton and spandex as our undies and clothes.

What's more, if you like your undies and tops matching, you can get the whole set!

Coming soon to the Test Kitchen is a new take on the women's original and hipster is our all new 'panel pant' - due in later this month!

The items in the Test Kitchen are on sale at a price considerably lower than their expected retail price... if you like being the first to own a new thing (go you!) then this is where it's at.

Remember, if you purchase and then review an item from the Test Kitchen you'll receive a generous discount of 20% off (excluding sale items) your next purchase from the Thunderpants store.


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  • Emily on May 16, 2016

    Is this where we leave our review?
    I too have asked a couple of times about crop tops so thrilled to see them!
    Thrilled also to be able to pick one up in the sales, the citrine which actually turns out I LOVE!
    They only had large left, which I decided to go with as after buying the medium swim suit combo found I was POPPING out of the medium rather badly!!
    Was a good decision as the large much better for me (breastfeeding may have something to do with it, though I could prob be a large in the bottoms too!)
    Like someone else above, I’m finding it is already pulling down quite a bit (like needs tighter straps), and that bottom edging is not wide enough.
    I would be very interested to see what other designs are coming as I am OVER bras and this is what I want to be wearing now!!
    I have to say all the caterpillar thundies I’ve been giving as presents are going down SO well!! My sister loves hers so much she wore for 2 days in a row, couldn’t take them off! And our little five year old Thea also LOVES hers, and I love how oldschool they look, so awesome!
    Thanks Thundies!!

  • SUZANNE RIEL on May 14, 2016

    Black top – super comfortable – love it!

  • kirsten on May 04, 2016

    I got the black bra which i LOVE! it’s so comfy! even my partner thinks it looks cute! thumbs up!
    I got the citrine bra for my teenager daughter and she loves it too!
    It’s great to have bras that are actually good for you!!!!!
    Kirsten x

  • helen on May 03, 2016


    I’m another big busted person, and I was also worried about the sizing – I went in the end by the recommendation on the page to get the same size as underpants – rather than by the bust sizing, as I was concerned about falling out of the bottom, so to speak. This was the correct decision – I wouldn’t want the bottom to be any looser. But it does mean that the fabric around the bust is definitely stretched a bit. The stretchedness means that the fabric only just covers my bust – there is absolutely no coverage of the torso below the bottom of the bra; and my bra thoroughly shows at the top (along with a very generous amount of cleavage)

    When I saw you were making crop tops I wanted one for 2 reasons.

    (1) When going out for a run/walk on a hot day I’ve ended up tucking my tshirt into my bra, in order to get air on my skin and cool down. I’ve envied women I’ve seen out in crop tops, and was wondering about buying one for myself. This crop top is FAR too crop for me to ever be comfortable doing that – too much cleavage/bra showing at both the top and too much skin at the bottom. (and somewhat similarly, I would never wear it at the gym where I might be seen by people I don’t know really well)

    (2) To wear while doing yoga at home – possibly instead of a bra. It’s perfectly satisfactory for this. Controls my breasts a bit, without being tight or restricting.

    Overall – very happy to salute the sun at home in it, but not outdoors. So a partial success from my point of view.


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