Crop Top Prints - help us decide!

Written By Thunderpants Ltd - May 04 2016


May 20 2016

Black is indeed an essential, and I’m very pleased and excited to see a crop top! Thank you!

May 19 2016


May 19 2016

BIKES BIKES BIKES. Also, bring on #2, the engineered edition!

Rachel Jacobs
May 19 2016

Hearts please and so happy to have the crop top back now have a granddaughter a committed thunderpants gal.:)

May 19 2016

Hearts!! love them for my swim top so be great to wear a crop top

Linda Williams
May 18 2016

The hearts are great. And the plain black one is just essential.

Erin Farrow
May 18 2016

We like bikes!

Maggie Green
May 18 2016

BIKES!!!! bike, bikes, bikes!

Marlene Daniells
May 17 2016

Love the love hearts

May 14 2016

Go for the hearts! I love this design, its one of my favorites. SUPER excited about these crops, last time I saw you guys you were talking about doing them… Great to see its coming through. Let me know if you still need some assistance with trails on sensitive skin! Cheers :-)

Captain Thunderpants
May 14 2016

Hi Chrystalline & Katrina,

We are currently working on a more engineered version, this will indeed address the ‘uni-boob’ situation. This is our entry level, single layered, minimal support maximum comfort version. Crop Top #2 the engineered version will have double layers of fabric, full boob separation and more wrangling capabilities all round. :)

May 13 2016

I prefer the hearts as they’re a more ‘neutral’ look, and I agree with Crystaline about the “uni-boob” look, a crop with more of a bra style cut works better for larger breasted ladies, at least. Not quite sure how to describe more accurately…

May 11 2016

Hi, I’m thrilled you are coming out w a crop top! Too late for a pattern pick but mine is lovely black. Not to sound greedy or rude but is there any chance for a less “uni-boob” cut in the future?

Jill Murphy
May 10 2016

Bikes Bikes Bikes! I need them to match my bike undies (of which I intend to buy more)

May 09 2016

I’m so excited that you have crop tops (hopefully you will do them for kids too as my daughter needs to wear them but finds that other brands are really uncomfortable!)
I love all of them but my favourite is the Black Hearts

Ceri Ratcliffe
May 07 2016


Kay McCabe
May 06 2016

Hearts and bikes

Hazel Turner-WAlker
May 06 2016

I also think they are all really neat but my preference would be for the black hearts!

Captain Thunderpants
May 06 2016

THANKS EVERYBODY – was a very close run, but Black Hearts is in the lead as we roll the fabric onto the table! All you bicycle lovers don’t worry… we shall have another crop to decide on when the #2 version is up and running XX

May 06 2016

Love the hearts!

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