Bundle O' Ties - NZ only


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  • Bundle O' Ties - NZ only
  • Bundle O' Ties - NZ only
  • Bundle O' Ties - NZ only

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We get a lot of ties of our lovely organic fabric tied around the bundles of Thunderpants. Our fabric is 90% organic cotton so it makes great garden ties that break down over time. They make great stuffing when cut up into even smaller pieces & and it is free from toxic chemicals so safe in kids toys etc.

*NZ ONLY - it isn't very eco friendly to ship our waste too far afield. Please find a local supplier and encourage them to sell / give you their offcuts for ties.

*These bundles are $1 and we use that money to entertain the school children that hang around here chatting and tying them up for you. Since the money isn't given to them directly it isn't child labour, technically.

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