Womens 100% Cotton Boxer


  • Womens 100% Cotton Boxer
  • Womens 100% Cotton Boxer
  • Womens 100% Cotton Boxer
  • Womens 100% Cotton Boxer
  • Womens 100% Cotton Boxer

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We have been asked by a few people to make a 100% Cotton Boxer with absolutely no elastic - to here is our first run for you to test out! This is the option to choose if your like your undies to be looser fitting with a short leg. The front panel / gusset is double layered for extra firmness and helps provide shapely lines - good for when you are gadding about in just your Thunderpants.

NB: The shot on the mannequin is rather fitted, she should probably be wearing a size bigger, but she is a mannequin and has lost her head so doesn't always make the best decisions.  

  • Fit
  • Fabric
  • Care
  • The womens cotton boxer is sized small -  x large and is designed to sit a bit lower than your waist at the top of your high hip area. Because of the lack of leg banding or elastic these will sit very differently for each body shape and the fabric will stretch a bit without memory (when washed it will condense a bit again). The drawstring at the top is also elastic free, this may take some getting used to if you haven't worn anything like this since the '70s - or ever!

  • The fabric is 100% organically grown cotton. All the garments are made locally and lovingly in New Zealand. 

  • To preserve the vibrant colours and life of the fabric we suggest you do not soak or bleach your Thunderpants items. Use a gentle detergent in a cold machine wash and dry your Thunderpants on the line, not in the drier. 

    Your Thunderpants are not only super comfy but they are designed to withstand some pretty staunch stuff, so get into them and get on out there!

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