Swimwear Halter Tank 2nd - One only small

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  • Swimwear Halter Tank 2nd - One only small
  • Swimwear Halter Tank 2nd - One only small
  • Swimwear Halter Tank 2nd - One only small
  • Swimwear Halter Tank 2nd - One only small

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THESE ARE SECONDS, SEE THE DESCRIPTION OF EACH ONE FOR DETAILS BELOW. As you select each item the appropriate picture will show automatically. 

1; 6cm shorter than normal, size small $58


Older stock made BEFORE we put the longer ties on, has an adjustable buckle at the back of the neck. 

Team up the Thunderpants easy-to-wear Swimwear Halter Tank with any swimwear pants for a super comfy, tummy covering swimming ensemble.


  • Fit
  • Fabric
  • Care
  • Constructed in very durable nylon/spandex Thunderpants swimwear is super comfy, just like the underwear. Stick to your undies size when ordering.

  • Thunderpants swimwear uses a staunch nylon/spandex fabric. Unlike the underpants, the swimwear needs the help of a bit of elastic to avoid any swimwear malfunctions when plunging in, other wise they are just as comfy as your undies. All the garments are made locally and lovingly in New Zealand. 

  • To preserve the life of the fabric we suggest you rinse your swimwear in fresh water after use. Do not soak or bleach your Thunderpants swimwear items. Use a gentle detergent in a cold machine wash and dry your Swimwear on the line, not in the drier.

    Your Thunderpants swimwear is not only super comfy but they are designed to withstand some pretty staunch stuff, so get into them and get swimming!

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