THUNDERPANTS - Tested on humans since 1995!

This glorious place is where we test our new ideas out on you (after we've rigorously tested them on ourselves, friends and family of course!) and gather your feedback. We'd love your opinions on what you like, what's working for you and what we can do more of! Items in the Test Kitchen are sometimes experiments and may never make it to the masses, but occasionally they may become the next best thing! 

Items are often available in very limited numbers and for new styles we have to take a stab in the dark at pricing. We try to make our test kitchen price around the estimated retail price (or less if it is still early in developmental stages) - but until we have a full production run done we don't know how much it costs.

To THANK YOU for your assistance if you REVIEW an item you've purchased from The Test Kitchen, you'll receive a very generous discount code to use on a future order to receive 20% off all items not currently discounted...

So if you love the look of it, test it and tell us what you think!