Sausage Sizzle Philanthropants

What the SAUSAGE is it?

As a company we get asked a lot for support from different causes and charities, enter the online Sausage Sizzle - organic, vegan, gluten free sausages, on your pants. They cost the same as normal Thunderpants with added feel good qualities in the form of a financial donation to our current recipient!

How does it work?

For every one of these BBQ banger Philanthropants sold Thunderpants will donate $1 to our current sausage sizzle recipient. If you would like to up size your donation you can add onions, mustard, sauce or the works all of which are 100% donated to the current charity. YAY - LET'S UPSIZE THAT DONATION!

Who are we supporting this month?

Starting on May 1st and for 63 days we have taken up the WWF New Zealand challenge to help raise funds for the last 63 critically endangered Māui dolphins. With only 63 individuals estimated to remain they are the worlds rarest marine dolphin found only off the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand, from Dargaville to Whanganui, their greatest threats are human activities like gillnets, trawling, and boats. Without adequate habitat protection and a shift to dolphin-friendly fishing techniques, our dolphins are edging closer to disappearing forever.